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Priyadarshini Public School

Shree Chamundeshwari Global Education Centre (R)

Priyadarshini Public School

Shree Chamundeshwari Global Education Centre (R)

Priyadarshini Public School

Shree Chamundeshwari Global Education Centre (R)

Welcome To Priyadarshini

Priyadarshini School is an inclusive independent, co-educational school which mirrors and practices the best educational techniques .

About Our Institution

Priyadarshini Public School provides the highest quality education to children and young people of all nationalities within a safe and caring environment.

Our students learn from an experienced, dedicated and enormously talented teachers, who challenge, inspire, encourage and nurture.

  • Priyadarshini Public School      
  • Priyadarshini Day Care                
  • Priyadarshini Kids Play Home    
  • Priyadarshini Music Academy    
  • Priyadarshini Computer Classes
  • Priyadarshini Tutorials                  
  • Priyadarshini Dance Classes        
  • Priyadarshini Karate Classes        
  • Priyadarshini Yoga Classes           
  • Priyadarshini Abacus Classes      

Our Facilities

Experienced Faculties

Trained , Dedicated , Experienced Faculties and Counseling provided experts.

Smart Class Rooms

Latest technology enabled smart classroom equipped with interactive digiboard system.


All classrooms will be monitored via closed circuit cameras to ensure discipline.


School has a digital library with enormous collection of books.


The school is equipped with an innovative laboratory for physics , chemistry etc . .


Our school provides a safe and comfortable transport facilities.

Latest Events

priyadarshini public school

World environment day is a day especially celebrated to know and solve all the environmental issues. It is also known as the Environment Day, Eco Day or WED. It is a great annual event focusing on the issues of environment and trying to solve them completely.

  • 05 June 2018
priyadarshini public school

Aksharaaabhyasam or Akshara abhyaasam or Vidyaarambham is a traditional religious function in which the child is given initiation of education so that the child is ready to receive formal education. This ritual involves Goddess Saraswati puja.

  • 08 June 2018
priyadarshini public school

Onam is an annual Hindu festival with origins in the state of Kerala in India. It falls in the Malayalam calendar month of Chingam, which in Gregorian calendar overlaps with August–September

  • 25-08-2018
priyadarshini public school

venue: Seenappa Ground Near Laggere Bridge, Bangalore-58

  • 16th -February-2019
priyadarshini public school

Every school celebrates Annual Day. And the Annual Day speech is of importance as it makes it important to acknowledge the achievement of all, include all those who worked hard and all the parents and guests too. A perfectly balanced speech makes a great impact. Annual days represent the day that is a mixture of acknowledging achievements of the children throughout the year and also a lot of fun and joy the children bring to all through their performance on stage.

  • 16th -February-2019
priyadarshini public school

Summer camp

  • 10-03-2019